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Paru le 13 mai 2022
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An unflinch­ing alle­gor­i­cal nov­el that explores trau­ma, wom­en’s rights, and reli­gious tra­di­tion. In the slums of Tehran, sev­en-year-old Sara wit­ness­es the hor­rif­ic mur­der of her sis­ter Setayesh, an event leaves her in shock and unable to speak. As the neigh­bour­hood fran­ti­cal­ly search­es for the miss­ing girl, Sara is locked inside her­self, unable to tell her par­ents or police all she knows. Over time, the mute Sara devel­ops a strange aller­gic reac­tion, in which hair cov­ers her face every time a man approach­es her. One day in school, when an imam gets too close, she faints. After Sara reawak­ens, class­mates show her video of her speak­ing freely and elo­quent­ly while uncon­scious… in Pol­ish. These are only the first of many unex­pect­ed devel­op­ments in Sara’s life, as she grap­ples with how to live with her sis­ter’s mem­o­ry in a world that abus­es women from a very ear­ly age.
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