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The Misadventures of Myndil Plodostirr

Paru le 22 août 2022
The Misadventures of Myndil Plodostirr
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Life hap­pened to most peo­ple, but Myn­dil Plo­do­stirr hap­pened to every­body else.” When the abbot of the new­ly made Rogha an dá Dhíogha abbey meets Myn­dil Plo­do­stirr, an orphan who thinks God speaks to him, he quick­ly decides that a talk­a­tive young man like Myn­dil is best left to him­self. In the hopes of rid­ding the abbey of Myn­dil’s com­pa­ny for­ev­er, the abbot sends him out on an impos­si­ble mis­sion: to make him­self a mis­sion­ary and unite all the sur­round­ing king­doms under the ban­ner of one god. What begins as a jape ends in infamy as Myn­dil’s cheer­ful­ness and good­will acci­den­tal­ly bring about the Great War of the Dark Age. Will Myn­dil heed the abbot’s will and con­vert the war­ring kings, or will he lis­ten to the mys­te­ri­ous voice that plagues him and cause chaos across the British Isles?
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