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Ehab Lotayef

Ehab Lotayef is a Canadian IT Manager, poet, writer and community activist, of Egyptian origin. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (1981) from Ain-Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. Ehab moved to Canada in 1989, is a father of two (also engineering graduates) and has three grandchildren. Ehab has been working at McGill University, as an IT manager, since 1999. Before joining McGill, Ehab worked for internationally renowned companies, in Canada and abroad, including Schlumberger, Linotype and Pratt & Whitney. Ehab is deeply involved in social and community work, including, campaigns against the sanctions and war on Iraq, opposing the blockade of Gaza and advocating for Native Rights. Over the years he served on the boards of Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy, Muslim Council of Montreal, Muslim Schools of Montreal, the Canadian Arab Federation, Fair Vote Canada and is currently serving on the Board of Governors of McGill University, Montreal City Mission and the Quebec Writers federation. As a poet and a writer, Ehab published a bilingual poetry collection: "To Love a Palestinian Woman" (TSAR 2010) and the CBC produced his play "Crossing Gibraltar" in 2006. His writings also appeared in many anthologies and zines and he wrote numerous OpEds on various subjects in many Canadian papers over the years. Ehab also served on the boards of Teesri Duniya Theatre and CKUT Radio.
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